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We will handle the insurance companies, while you focus on your recovery. We are committed to helping our cycling family get back on the road after an accident.


Safety Tips

While cycling is a terrific form of exercise and an efficient way to get around, it comes with some level of risk. We’ve assembled some basic safety essentials to help make your ride a safe one.

Utah Cycling Laws

Cyclists are expected to comply with state road laws regarding cycling. We have compiled a helpful list of laws in Utah so you can quickly familiarize yourself with the laws.

Utah Cycling Resources

Utah has an abundance of wonderful routes, races, and stores for cyclists. It’s just a matter of knowing where these resources are. Click below to find cycling resources in Utah.

Does this sound all too familiar?

“I was out riding after work and had a green light at the intersection. I saw a car slowing on my right as if it would stop, but just as I reached the intersection, the car pulled out in front of me and I hit the side hard. I flew over the hood and ended up with a broken clavicle, cracked ribs and severe road rash. My Specialized S-works bike is trashed. The driver’s insurance company is trying to tell me I’m partially at fault and I’ll have to cover my own medical costs, which included an ambulance and ER visit. They also are giving me grief over the replacement of my bike. Can you help me?

​At Craig Swapp and Associates we excel at personal injury law. And we understand cycling as many of our attorneys and staff are active cyclists.

Been in a cycling accident? Not receiving fair treatment from the insurance companies? Take your case to legal professionals who can fully understand and appreciate your situation.

The law is clearly on the side of the law abiding cyclists, and motorists are expected to be aware of and to stay clear of a cyclist who is riding in his lane legally.

How We Help You

At Craig Swapp and Associates we are acutely aware of the increasing number of accidents that involve lawful cyclists and inattentive or aggressive drivers in Utah. Unfortunately, the insurance companies see cyclists as most of the problem and do very little to help injured cyclists recover their full costs from an accident.

We help you get your...

  • Medical bills paid
  • Reimbursement for lost income
  • Bike repaired or replaced
  • Compensation for your recovery and pain

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